We Are Stronger Together

Sweet Momma YogaTM is for moms and moms-to-be who want to be informed and ready for pregnancy and motherhood. To feel the support you feel when crying on a friend’s shoulder. The feeling of putting on comfy clothes, when the bra comes off. The warmth of biting into a chocolate you love, and saying

Mmm, I’m cared for.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT). The training is ideal for all yoga teachers and those in the perinatal fields.

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Take care of
new momma
Indulge her with a
Prenatal Yoga
6 week session
Prenatal Yoga
You don’t have
to be perfect

We’re sure as hell not. Sweet Momma is about yoga for everyone, not just those who are flexible, drink wheat grass smoothies, and do everything correctly all the time. Seriously, do those people even exist?

It’s ok, indulge a little.
With Baby
Momma & Baby Yoga

Where did everyone go?

You need more help after birth than before. When you’re pregnant, people open doors, carry things, and smile at how much you glow. Once baby comes, where do all those people go? You’re on your own now, expected to know everything, and take care of your baby like every other mom. As if doing it all yourself is some bullsh*t right of passage. We all love baby, but let’s not forget about mom.

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