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Benefits of Yoga

by Elise Bowerman

The practice of yoga offers countless advantages.  The following are some of the most basic and important - no matter where or when you begin practicing... yoga knows no age or boundaries to experience these life-changing benefits.

Asana (Physical Exercise) Benefits

  • Increased:
    • alignment
    • balance
    • body awareness (proprioception)
    • flexibility
    • funtional movement patterns (movements you do everyday)
    • range of motion
    • resilience
    • sensitivity
    • stability
    • strength
  • Cleansing of toxins from body
  • Adaptability off the mat

Pranayama (Breathing Exercise) Benefits

  •  Increased:
    • energy
    • sensitivity
    • sleep ability
    • vitality
  • Stimulates immune system
  • Balances
    • mood regulation/emotions
    • Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) and Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS)
      • SNS in our western culture is "on" more than it is "off," which is why many have difficulty staying still, sleeping, and may "switch" right into aggressiveness/anger if slightly provoked.
        • PNS = ability to go with the flow, relax, chill-out
        • SNS = fight or flight, chest/lung breathing
  • Gives clarity of mind
  • Aids in purification/detox
  • Sense of feeling a lightness or energy flowing
As a prenatal chiropractor, I have worked closely with Elise and many of her prenatal yoga students in the past 2 years. I consistently find that the women under my care that are also attending regular prenatal yoga classes with Elise experience less discomfort in their pregnancy, report stronger emotional connections to their bodies, and they consistently state they feel better prepared for labor and delivery. If you are looking for a way to safely exercise but also want a beautiful way to connect with your body prior to delivery seek out classes with Sweet Momma Yoga. Lastly, Elise goes above and beyond to create a sense of community for her students. She has created a thriving group of moms that support one another outside of the classes and virtually. - Kelsi McClure, DC, Lone Tree CO
I’ve participated in Sweet Momma Yoga during both of my pregnancies and have benefited each time. Even on days when I feel tired and just wanted to put my feet up, I always felt better after class knowing that I am taking the best care of myself and my baby. Elise does an amazing job of making all of the moms feel welcome and comfortable no matter what previous yoga experience they’ve had. I got more out of Sweet Momma Yoga than I ever expected, benefiting both my pregnancy and birthing experiences. I would recommend to any expecting momma! - Deirdre L., Livonia MI