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10 Tips for Tough Times

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by Elise Bowerman

Breathe deeply. Breathe fully. Trust life. Watch opportunities unfold before you; especially when things aren’t going according to plan.

There’s an immeasurable universe we are a part of. Understand you will not know the answer to “why.” But you can gather information to use to keep moving forward in your life’s purpose.

Have confidence in the decisions you make for yourself and family.

  • When choices feel right in the four corners of your home, then they are right for you.

  • Loving friends and family will honor your decisions.

  • If you begin to question your decisions, return to your home. Does your position still feel right for you? If so, you needn’t worry how others react.

Nothing is personal – ever. You are not responsible for other people’s reactions. Their reactions are their own life’s work. You are responsible for taking care of yourself, your children (if you have them) and sharing your feelings. When you share it lets others recognize what is important to you and how you are taking in what’s happening.

Be gentle on yourself. You are more than enough. One of my favorite sayings I’ve heard is “Don’t ‘should’ on yourself.” (Now say it out loud.) When you find the S-h word playing in your mind, be soft. Look inside. You’ll find 99% of your reasoning will be for others; not for yourself. As long as you are well, your children are well; everything else can be left for another day. Be present (in the moment) with yourself and others. Minimize multitasking.

No secrets. Pure transparency is the only way to let inner light shine through. We are all part of the collective conscious, God, the Divine – however you want to put into words, something indescribable, because it always has been; It Is. It is in all of us. 

We’ve all been given the breath of life which connects us to the Divine. When we acknowledge that essence inside of ourselves, we see it more in others.

“The one you’re looking for is the one who’s looking.”
- St. Francis of Assisi

Let all that you do be in love. No guilt, pity or fear. When you notice guilt, pity or fear creeping in, ask yourself, why? Be brave and make a shift to do/to be that which is true to your heart – to who you are at the core.

Be curious. There is a light and dark side on this planet. There will be challenging times. They are there to remind us how fragile life is, what our individual role is and a chance to ask questions.

Then when the light shines brighter there’s much opportunity for gratitude. As you are no longer the same person you once were. You’ve broadened your perspective on yourself, and life. What a gift the dark moments give! What a relief when the light shines brightly!

You are stronger than you even know.

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Originally posted on 25 August 2015 on Inspire Me Today.

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