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Preparing for Me Time Yoga

No yoga experience is necessary. In fact, many attend their first yoga class during pregnancy or postpartum. 

Arrive 10-15 minutes early to set up and use the restroom.

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  • Studios typically have bolsters, blankets, cork blocks, straps and mats. (However, for hygienic purposes we encourage you to bring your own yoga mat; not a fitness/pilates mat.)
  • Bring your own eye pillow as an extra enhancement to restful postures.
  • Wear comfortable, breathable clothing. Layers work well in the cooler months. The room is set at about 70-75 degrees.
  • Refrain from heavy scents. (i.e. lotions, perfumes or colognes)
  • Traditionally yoga is practiced on an empty belly (refraining from meals 2 hours before practice.) Being a parent is a never-ending job. Prioritizing your food and water intake is laughable. If you need to eat before coming to class - eat! Just like in Prenatal Yoga: perhaps avoid a chili cheese dog until after class, but enjoy a small sandwich, veggies, fruit or crackers to tide you over.
  • Most importantly: please do not leave early. Allowing time for a restorative pose seals the work you have done. Becoming aware of your body, mind and breath is our goal to assist you through this phase of life. Embrace stillness.

Me Time Yoga Info

Did you know postpartum is forever?! It's true. All women welcomed! Most women who attend have given birth at some point in their lives; however, it is not required to have been pregnant or given birth in your lifetime to benefit from this practice.

  • Topics will generally be on life as a woman, which may include motherhood.
  • Sessions focus on alleviating physical and mental stress.
  • Explore what "core strength" really means and how to properly engage the pelvic floor + transverse abdominal muscles for optimal healing and strength in everyday activities. 
  • Weeks 2, 4, and 6 incorporate Yoga Nidra. (Within each six-week session the same Yoga Nidra will be offered three times to achieve heightened benefits.)

Participants are encouraged to register for subsequent sessions. This practice is forever.


Due to popularity pre-registration is necessary. Space is limited.

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