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A guide to understanding what prenatal yoga is about
The practice supports the impact on how well you embrace this phase of life for the sake of yourself - and baby.
Parent Profile: Heather
Walking back into the yoga studio during my second pregnancy... it was like being welcomed home.
Why it's so hard to love your body - as a mom
It’s not that it’s inherently hard to love your body as a mom. What’s hard is believing that you are worth the time and energy...
How to make your hobby a respected business
So many parents already have successful hobbies. Learn how to take it to the next level.
Parent Profile: Jessica Hinojosa
Breathing techniques helped me so much during my 48 hour induction.
What to expect in a prenatal yoga class
This is your sneak peek into prenatal yoga classes.
Parent Profile: Alle Sanchez
You body automatically takes over what you have been practicing in yoga during labor, so your mind can go somewhere else.
Parent Profile: Jaime K.
This is the opportunity to concentrate on the baby I'm growing.
Parent Profile: Jessica Van Valkenburgh
With a high risk pregnancy Prenatal Yoga "helped me get out of my head and get into my body."
Your New Pre/Postpartum Team Member: A Pelvic Health Physical Therapist
Dr. Rachael E Miller provides an over-view of benefits. Plus, what to expect at your appointment!
Prenatal Yoga and HypnoBirthing: How They Work Together
Did you know these two methods work hand-in-hand!? Click for more.

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