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Dental Care: Holistic Practices to Keep You Healthy
Did you know there are holistic dentists?! They exist! They may even be in the practice you're at.
Mom and Baby Yoga Benefits
Receive encouragement from a mom who's been there. Join us!
Prenatal Yoga Benefits
Why Prenatal Yoga? Because it's the ultimate preparation for labor and birth...
Milk Truths
Explore these websites and articles to find out the benefits raw milk will bring to you...
Treating PTSD, Other Illnesses and Traumas with Yoga
More and more doctors and researchers are finding the benefits of incorporating yoga into a treatment plan for those suffering from traumatic situations and/or post-traumatic stress syndrom. One of the largest discoveries...
Cleaning Companies & Products
It is well worth it when you know it's okay for your crawling baby to put their mouth on the floor or table after it's been clean, because you used safe, real ingredients...
You Are What You "Yoga"
In the practice of yoga we tend at go to the classes that fulfill our favorite parts of ourselves. Those who enjoy a busy day with things to do, typically enjoy a flowing practice. Those who enjoy a day of meditation, rest and stillness typically enjoy a slower practice...
Avoid Artificial Food Dyes
Artificial food dyes are in just about everything - especially in children's foods. Artificial food dyes have been linked to multiple health problems...
Overwhelmed?! You're not alone. Enjoy these books, documentaries and online resources at your fingertips.
Benefits of Yoga
No matter where or when you begin practicing... yoga knows no age or boundaries to experience these life-changing benefits.

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