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My MUTU System Story
Had a baby? Feeling not quite right 'down there?' You're not alone. I was there, too.
Elise's Birthing Stories
Two births. Left with two different feelings. One of dis-empowerment; one of empowerment.
10 Do's for Visiting New Parents
Going to visit someone with a new born baby? Not sure exactly what you should do/say and what to avoid? Read more to find out.
#1 Childbirth Complication
Can you guess what it is?! There is no universal screening, and many people have been afraid to talk to about it until now.
Releasing Anxieties
With great life changes (pregnancy, birthing and caring for children) can increase anxiety in our lives. Learn ways to cope and heal.
Why You Need To Inform Yourself During Pregnancy
Do you feel like you'll know what to do in pregnancy, childbirth and parenting? Check out your options.
The Power of Intention in a Flame
Ever wonder what it means to "light a candle" as a way of helping someone else?
Back or Sciatic Pain in Pregnancy
You're not alone if you're suffering from back pain. Learn how to avoid and alleviate discomfort here.
Strength for Birth
What does it take to birth a baby? It's more than physical strength.
Unfolding Trust
It took my son getting very sick for me to trust myself. To trust my instincts to care were 'right.'
Tough Mudder or Tough Mother?
Mud obstacle races hold nothing on motherhood. Listen to the statements by racers. Notice the parallel of motherhood.

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