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Ready for Bed?
Unwind your kids with these tips, tricks.
Attitude of Gratitude for the Past
Growing up in a small, closed-minded community helped me be even more open-minded today. Our past propels us to our future.
My Kids Met Their Grandma
The complexity of the relationship between my mom and I came to a head. Surprisingly, I was calm, and am glad it all happened.
Commitments Keep You Going, Especially in Pregnancy
Why is Prenatal Yoga session-based? Here are the top three reasons for session-based yoga classes.
My Mom's Meeting My Children for the First Time
Mom my and I haven't seen or spoken in years. Now, she's meeting her grandchildren after a life-threatening stroke. This is my journey.
Birth Planning Made Easy
You've got a picture of how the birth will go in your head, right? There's more to understand than a vision. Communication is key.
Elise's Yoga Background
From my earliest days as a child I strived to do better, and be better... until I took my first yoga class. I accepted 'me.'
Three Foundational Qualities You Want In Your Yoga Teacher
The yoga industry has quickly become saturated with new yoga teachers. Learn what to look for to find the right teacher for you.
How To Live Without a Microwave - Even With Kids!
A practical and realistic approach to eliminating the use of the microwave from one parent to another.
Fertility and Yoga
Conception is a sensitive time in a person's life. Yoga provides an opportunity to honor and encourage this process.
Smudging Is Easy As 1-2-3!
Smudging can be a complicated ritual or a simple, quick clearing process. (We do the latter and the kids help, too!)

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