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Access requires participation in at least one Sweet Momma Yoga Class.
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Sweet Momma Moms Group

10 Tips for Tough Times
Breathe deeply. Breathe fully. Trust life...
Baby Formula (Homemade)
Know exactly what you're feeding baby (chemical and toxin free) with this homemade formula. It's easier than you think!
Southeast Michigan Preferred Providers
Everyone you need to know to support you through pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood.
How Do I Start Taking Yoga Classes?
While there are numerous forms of yoga, there are endless class names yoga teachers come up with to entice people to attend...
Vaccinations: Should or Shouldn't You?
We can all agree: it's good to know what you're putting in your body.
Elise's Pregnancy Philosophy
This is the time when a woman has the opportunity to "house" another human being. Your body no longer is just for you...
There are a variety of meditation styles, just like yoga practices and workouts. Everyone can meditate...
Preventative Care
Prevention is the most valuable tool to be working with in regard to your health. Ensuring your body and mind are running most efficiently and effectively will keep you out of the doctor's office, and out doing whatever it is you enjoy!
Affirmations and Quotes
Heard about affirmations, but don't know how to apply them to your life? Read on to start inviting success, love and more today!
Mother Blessing
A Mother Blessing allows a group to gather together to support the mom-to-be to open up mentally, emotionally and spiritually through this inspired blessingway tradition for the most sacred of journeys… childbirth into motherhood...
Babysitters & Nannies
Why do you have a babysitter when you are a stay-at-home mom? Where do find your babysitters?...

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