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Your New Pre/Postpartum Team Member: A Pelvic Health Physical Therapist
Dr. Rachael E Miller provides an over-view of benefits. Plus, what to expect at your appointment!
#1 Childbirth Complication
Can you guess what it is?! There is no universal screening, and many people have been afraid to talk to about it until now.
Releasing Anxiety
With great life changes (pregnancy, birthing and caring for children) can increase anxiety in our lives. Learn ways to cope and heal.
Fertility and Yoga
Conception is a sensitive time in a person's life. Yoga provides an opportunity to honor and encourage this process.
Smudging Is Easy As 1-2-3!
Smudging can be a complicated ritual or a simple, quick clearing process. (We do the latter and the kids help, too!)
7 Tips to Begin Using Homeopathic Remedies
Get a solid foundation to begin or support your use of homeopathic remedies. Bask in the freedom to heal at home!
Baby Formula (Homemade)
Know exactly what you're feeding baby (chemical and toxin free) with this homemade formula. It's easier than you think!
There are a variety of meditation styles, just like yoga practices and workouts. Everyone can meditate...
Preventative Care
Prevention is the most valuable tool to be working with in regard to your health. Ensuring your body and mind are running most efficiently and effectively will keep you out of the doctor's office, and out doing whatever it is you enjoy!
Vaccinations: Should or Shouldn't You?
We can all agree: it's good to know what you're putting in your body.
Affirmations and Quotes
Heard about affirmations, but don't know how to apply them to your life? Read on to start inviting success, love and more today!

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