SMY Teachers Stories Help for Moms
Defining parenting roles add value to the 'us'
No one properly informed us how parenting would effect the independence we took for granted.
Jess' Birthing Stories
by Jess Duffy “My Mother was my first country. The first place I ever lived.” -...
My MUTU System Story
Had a baby? Feeling not quite right 'down there?' You're not alone. I was there, too.
Elise's Birthing Stories
Two births. Left with two different feelings. One of dis-empowerment; one of empowerment.
Unfolding Trust
It took my son getting very sick for me to trust myself. To trust my instincts to care were 'right.'
Attitude of Gratitude for the Past
Growing up in a small, closed-minded community helped me be even more open-minded today. Our past propels us to our future.
My Kids Met Their Grandma
The complexity of the relationship between my mom and I came to a head. Surprisingly, I was calm, and am glad it all happened.
My Mom's Meeting My Children for the First Time
Mom my and I haven't seen or spoken in years. Now, she's meeting her grandchildren after a life-threatening stroke. This is my journey.
Elise's Yoga Background
From my earliest days as a child I strived to do better, and be better... until I took my first yoga class. I accepted 'me.'

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