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My MUTU System Story
Had a baby? Feeling not quite right 'down there?' You're not alone. I was there, too.
Strength for Birth
What does it take to birth a baby? It's more than physical strength.
10 Tips for Ayurvedic Oil Massage
Experiencing dry, itchy, or stretching skin? Try oiling!
Ready for Bed?
Unwind your kids with these tips, tricks.
Commitments Keep You Going, Especially in Pregnancy
Why is Prenatal Yoga session-based? Here are the top three reasons for session-based yoga classes.
Three Foundational Qualities You Want In Your Yoga Teacher
The yoga industry has quickly become saturated with new yoga teachers. Learn what to look for to find the right teacher for you.
Fertility and Yoga
Conception is a sensitive time in a person's life. Yoga provides an opportunity to honor and encourage this process.
10 Tips for Tough Times
Breathe deeply. Breathe fully. Trust life...
How Do I Start Taking Yoga Classes?
While there are numerous forms of yoga, there are endless class names yoga teachers come up with to entice people to attend...
There are a variety of meditation styles, just like yoga practices and workouts. Everyone can meditate...
Affirmations and Quotes
Heard about affirmations, but don't know how to apply them to your life? Read on to start inviting success, love and more today!

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