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Postnatal Yoga
Classes are on hold for now as I find a new location. Click "Reserve Your Spot" buttons for current offerings.

Me Time Yoga

Postpartum is forever. This class supports women and caregivers no matter where she is on her life journey. Explore what “core strength” really means and how to properly engage the pelvic floor and transverse abdominal muscles for optimal function and wellbeing.

We all could use a break from the push, go, do, and prove mentality. Set it aside and rejuvenate to be the best version of yourself off the mat. 

(Me Time is on hold for now. Be sure to reserve your spot for Baby & Me!)

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What to Expect

Postnatal Yoga Classes in Michigan - Sweet Momma Yoga - building3

Class location TBD

Arrive 10-15 minutes early to set up and use the restroom.

Karma Yoga has community bolsters for use in practice. Mats, yoga props (blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps) are available for purchase.

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing. Layers work well in the cooler months. The room is set at about 70-75 degrees.

Refrain from heavy scents. (i.e. lotions, perfumes or colognes)

Traditionally, yoga is practiced on an empty belly (refraining from meals 2 hours before practice.) Being a parent is a never-ending job. Prioritizing your food and water intake is laughable. If you need to eat before coming to class - eat! Just like in prenatal yoga: perhaps avoid that chili cheese dog until after class, but enjoy a small sandwich, veggies, fruit or crackers to tide you over.

Most importantly: please do not leave early. Allowing time for a restorative pose (savasana) integrates the work you have done… even if you’re just walking around the room with baby. Becoming aware of your body, mind and breath will assist you through this phase of life and beyond. Embrace the moments with no expectations… and maybe some stillness with a wiggly baby.

Baby and Me Yoga

Enjoy a yoga practice like no other! This class is designed with mom and baby in mind. Improve your posture, gain core awareness for a healthier functional body, bond with baby, and make new mom-friends along the way.

No yoga experience necessary.

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Baby and Me Yoga FAQs

When Should I Start and Stop Attending?
Typically birth-givers are ready between 6-12 weeks after childbirth. (General rule of thumb: vaginal birth about 4-6 weeks; c-section about 6-12 weeks to recover and feel read to attend.) Every person heals differently. Once you and baby feel ready or you have received the okay from your healthcare provider, then come on in! This class is designed with mom as the focal point. Somewhere between between 8-14 months of age mom/caregiver will notice more time spent chasing baby than participating with the group. This is the cue that baby is ready to graduate into a new kind of class.
What Should I Bring?
For Mom
  • Wear comfortable clothing to allow yourself to bend forward and stretch sideways without the need to constantly adjust clothing.
  • Nursing bra or sports top to make breastfeeding quick and convenient, if breastfeeding.
  • Yoga mat.
  • Water bottle, if desired.
For Baby
  • At least one extra blanket for baby to lay or sit on during class.
  • Favorite toy(s) and/or soother(s).
  • Bring into studio:
    • baby carrier, if using one.
    • diaper bag: bottles, spit up blankets, an extra outfit, diapers, wipes and plastic bags for soiled disposable diapers.
What Do I Do with My Baby During Class?
Baby does not have to participate in any or all of the class. Simply *or not so simply* getting out of the house is a feat within itself! There are no expectations here. Mom has full freedom to involve baby or allow baby some rest/alone time. Baby remains in gazing distance and arms-length away the whole time. This is not a baby-wearing class.
Babies are generally held or laying down during class. Babies wiggle, cry, and make noises. That's how they communicate - it's all good! Sometimes babies want to be fed or held for part of the time; other times babies are excited to watch and listen to their new baby friends. Do whatever you need to do to keep baby and you happy. (i.e. change diaper, breast or bottle feed, walk around the room, pause/breathe, offer a toy, hum/sign/talk to soothe baby, etc.)
Can I Nurse My Baby During Class?
Nursing is providing nutrients and cultivating an energetic connection between you and baby through breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Both sources of care are wonderful!
For those breastfeeding - Baby and Me Yoga is the perfect place to explore breastfeeding in public. Moms will find great comfort transitioning from home to public through these classes. When nursing you are encouraged to fully participate with your baby – most of the time. Sometimes you just need to get it done – we get it! Other times, gaze at baby, feel your breath and baby’s breath, eye-gaze together, look, explore baby. You are nurturing baby through touch, breath, sound, gaze, and nourishing food.
What Do We Do After Class?
Get the stroller or baby-wear your little one to enjoy a lunch with the other moms at any of the great local restaurants in the area! It's a fun time to sit back, see what other mommas are doing (or not doing) and begin to get comfortable taking baby out of your home. The "after class" meet-up might be the main reason you show up at all! And that is OK :-)
How Do I Sign Up?
Due to popularity pre-registration is necessary. Space is limited. Participants are encouraged to register for subsequent sessions. Click the button below to register today.

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