MUTU® System Michigan Provider

What is MUTU?

MUTU System is an award winning, global, medically endorsed online video program designed specifically for women to help them look, feel, and function better; in pregnancy and after having children.

Do you experience:

  • leaking when sneezing, coughing, or laughing?
  • belly pouching outward throughout the day?
  • heaviness or 'something doesn't feel right'... down there?
  • an overall lack of confidence?

If any of the above applies to you, then this program will help! You deserve a strong, healthy, and functional body.

One more thing... this cannot be emphasized enough:

If you enjoy athletic activities like running, weightlifting, CrossFit, aerobics, and so on - you must first have a strong pelvic floor + core connection before going back to these activities post baby.

It's not too late if you went back already :-) MUTU will assist in resolving any of the above issues during physical activities, and provide the knowledge to slow down, get connected to be strong enough to participate without having the above issues. Whew!

Get Started Today

Elise Bowerman is your MUTU ProTM. Check out her personal story of starting the MUTU System five years after her youngest was born. Below are special links to find out more about MUTU and to receive at least 15% off when you purchase MUTU today!

Download "The 10 Things Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Your Post Baby Body."

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Coaching with Elise

I'm here to help your health and fitness goals! Connect with me by scheduling below. 

New Year 6-week Postpartum Empowerment Coaching

January 7 - February 17, 2019 on Facebook
Click here for details. 

Zoom Sessions

  • Core Health Initial Assessment | 75 minutes | $97

This one-on-one Zoom video meeting will provide a solid foundation to assess your health and wellness goals. This will include, and is not limited to, your core, pelvic floor, any aches and pains, questions or other concerns you may have regarding your current state of well-being. 
If you've been using the MUTU System, and would like clarity about the exercises specific to your needs - this is where we start.
By the conclusion of this assessment you will be provided with at least one breathing exercise to properly engage the core and pelvic floor, and an agreement with a plan to reach your goal(s).

  • Core Health Follow Up Session | 30 minutes | $47

Core Health Follow Up one-on-one Zoom video session may be scheduled after a Core Health Initial Assessment.
This 30 minute follow-up session is for those following the MUTU System program to work toward the goal(s) from the initial assessment.
We will ensure proper alignment and engagement are activated in various exercises within the MUTU System program in order to achieve previously stated goal(s.)

  • Core Health Session | 55 minutes | $77 or pack of 4 for $277

Core Health one-on-one Zoom video session may be scheduled after a Core Health Initial Assessment.

You will be provided a blend of yoga along with exercises inspired by the MUTU System for a well-rounded fitness experience; based on your goals from the initial assessment.


In-Person Sessions


Please contact me directly to book In-Person Sessions. These are only offered in Bloomfield Hills, MI.


Where did everyone go?

You need more help after birth than before. When you’re pregnant, people open doors, carry things, and smile at how much you glow. Once baby comes, where do all those people go? You’re on your own now, expected to know everything, and take care of your baby like every other mom. As if doing it all yourself is some bullsh*t right of passage. We all love baby, but let’s not forget about mom.

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