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Who is
Sweet Momma?

Hi! I'm Elise Bowerman and I love to engage in the sweetness of life. Nothing is sweeter and more raw than the sacred journey childbirth provides women and birth-givers. I have dedicated my motherhood path to release the inherited dysfunctional family relationships for a healthier life with my children and husband. I know many are in a similar boat, and I am here to support through the ancient practices of yoga as a way to reclaim the matriarch as a powerful source of inspiration and wisdom.

While prenatal and postnatal yoga are at the heart of my offerings, also included are the most recent evidence-based research, professional and personal experiences, and other resources which support the 'rite of passage' birth-givers go through.

After teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga for six years (began in 2009), Sweet Momma Yoga opened in 2015, for anyone looking for highly skilled perinatal yoga instructors, including extra support through an online blog, video inspiration, and workshops for yoga teachers. In 2017, I founded the first Registered Prenatal Yoga School in Michigan to nurture more teachers who are called to this transcending time in life.

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Off the Mat 

Not only am I passionate about the mind-body-spirit connection, but I also practice a holistic lifestyle... I grew up this way!

What we ingest, apply to our skin, place in our environment, and whom we surround ourselves with matter to our well-being. This is especially sensitive in the childbearing years.

Having an extensive background in anatomy, physiology, psychology, with a personal yoga practice for over 20 years, teaching since 2008, being a member of the sandwich generation with my mom, and becoming a mother of two loving children - I understand the privilege and honor it is to be in the 'teacher seat.'


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Sweet Momma 

Sweet Momma offers a variety of yoga classes and services in support of the transitional stages of life (matrescence) in fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to benefit from the practice of yoga.

Graduates of my Registered Prenatal Yoga School are found throughout Michigan and some extend to Ohio and Wisconsin. Now that Yoga Alliance has offered online certification this program will reach more communities to benefit from.

While yoga is at the heart of my offerings, I also include the most recent evidence-based research, professional referrals, personal experiences, and other modalities which support the 'rite of passage' birth-givers may go through.



To inspire women in their childbearing years through the ancient wisdom of yoga and holistic wellness. As a mother of two and a prenatal yoga teacher, I've witnessed the need for greater championing during this time in a growing family's life.


To bring joy, honor, support, and celebration to the transformative stages of life. By helping our communities gain insight into what pregnancy, birthing, and parenthood is about on all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually) - even from baby's perspective - they then gain a greater sense of self and responsibility to this life-changing process.


  • Certified Birth Doula and postpartum doula trained (LifeSpan Doulas, 2020)
  • Certified MUTU Pro (MUTU System - Wendy Powell, 2018)
  • YACEP and RPYS lead instructor (Yoga Alliance 2017)
  • RPYT (85-RPYS Mindful Mamas - Laurel Hicks PhD, 2015)
  • E-RYT 500 (200/300-RYS Namasté Yoga - Linda Makowski, 2008 and 2014)
  • Bachelor of Science: Pre-Dance Therapy (Eastern Michigan University, 2004)


Core Values

Our SWEET principles encourage…

Support from teachers and participants.

Wisdom of listening to the innate inner knowing.

Exploration and reflection on personal life story.

Empowerment through movement, feelings, and evidence-based education.

Thankfulness and gratitude for carving out time to care for the self.

We Proudly Support

"We" includes myself, husband, and family. Sweet Momma Yoga's success is due to the assistance received within our household while I am away teaching.

I am a dedicated donor and active volunteer of Birth Detroit, since 2020. Centering Detroit Black women and families by building the city's the first birth center and Black-led birth center in Michigan will provide the kind of peace, familiarity, and safety all birth-givers deserve to receive.

Modern science is proving every day how valuable birth is on humanity. Peace on earth begins with birth.

Click here to learn more about Birth Detroit or contact me to explore how you may help, too.