Take care of
new momma
Indulge her with a
Prenatal Yoga
6 week session
Prenatal Yoga
You don’t have
to be perfect

We’re sure as hell not. Sweet Momma is about yoga for everyone, not just those who are flexible, drink wheat grass smoothies, and do everything correctly all the time. Seriously, do those people even exist?

It’s ok, indulge a little.
With Baby
Momma & Baby Yoga

Who is Sweet Momma Yoga?

Sweet Momma Yoga is a group of guides offering a variety of yoga classes and services for the transitional stages of life in fertility, pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum to explore and receive the benefits of yoga.

Sweet Momma refers to our founder, Elise Bowerman. She is our sweet momma: open heart, direct communication, and embraces the sweetness of being human.

Core Values

Our SWEET principles encourage…

Support from teachers and participants.

Wisdom of learning to know ourselves better.

Exploration and reflection on our lives.   

Empowerment through movement, feelings, and evidence-based education.

Thanks and gratitude for carving out time to care for the self.


To honor the transitional stages of life in becoming a parent through the practice of yoga.


To make the transitional stages of life celebrated, honored, and enjoyed.

Where did everyone go?

You need more help after birth than before. When you’re pregnant, people open doors, carry things, and smile at how much you glow. Once baby comes, where do all those people go? You’re on your own now, expected to know everything, and take care of your baby like every other mom. As if doing it all yourself is some bullsh*t right of passage. We all love baby, but let’s not forget about mom.

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