Elise Bowerman Founder of Sweet Momma Yoga
My Focus

To empower women in their childbearing years. As a mother of two and a prenatal yoga teacher, I've witnessed the need for greater encouragement during this time in a growing family's life. Our modern culture has lost the value of having a village. We’re seeing it in our young families as they mature. Depressed and anxious parents are barely getting through each day; and it needs to stop.

We are stronger together.
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About Elise

In 1999, as a freshman in college my practice of yoga began. A few years after completing a B.S in Dance (Pre-Dance Movement Therapy) I studied with Linda Makowski at Namasté Yoga in Royal Oak, MI. Receiving the 200 and 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher accreditation in 2008 and 2015. In between the two general yoga trainings (2014) I specialized as a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher through Laurel Hicks, PhD of Mindful Mamas, now based in Denver, CO. In 2018 I also became a Certified MUTU Pro.

Having an extensive background in anatomy, physiology, psychology, with a personal yoga practice for over 20 years (hatha and Kundalini Yoga), teaching since 2008, and becoming a mother - I understand the privilege and honor it is to be in the 'teacher seat.' 

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Sweet Momma Yoga opened in 2015, after teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga for six years, to provide a solid foundation for anyone looking for highly skilled perinatal yoga instructors, including extra support through an online blog, video inspiration, and workshops for yoga teachers. Plus, I opened the first Registered Prenatal Yoga School in Michigan to nurture more teachers who are called to this transcending time in life.

By helping our communities gain insight into what pregnancy, birthing, and parenthood is about on all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually) - even from baby's perspective - they then gain a greater sense of self and responsibility to this life-changing process. 

Continuity of Care

Birth and Postpartum Doula

In 2021 I will receive certificates as a birth and postpartum doula. Moving forward I will be able to continue supportive care to clients as they welcome baby(ies) earth-side. This has been a long-term goal and will give more details when I'm accepting doula clients. Stay tuned!

Off the Mat

Not only am I passionate about the mind-body connection, but also practice a holistic lifestyle... I grew up this way! What we ingest, put on our skin, place in our environment, and whom we surround ourselves with matter to our well-being.

I am an active member of the Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health as it has become crystal clear prenatal and postnatal yoga practices are the practices for mental and emotional wellness for birth-givers and their babies.

After graduating from college I completed certifications as a Feng Shui Practitioner (2005), Reiki Level II Practitioner (2004), and Intermediate Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner (2012). I've spent many hours with energy workers and mediums to harness my own intuition, too.

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Where did everyone go?

You need more help after birth than before. When you’re pregnant, people open doors, carry things, and smile at how much you glow. Once baby comes, where do all those people go? You’re on your own now, expected to know everything, and take care of your baby like every other mom. As if doing it all yourself is some bullsh*t right of passage. We all love baby, but let’s not forget about mom.

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